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Dubai is an amazing city and many tourists decide for it when thinking about a new tourist destination to plan their next trip. The reality is that Dubai is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and people just love to spend amazing vacations here. Well, if you are thinking about planning a trip here, the first thing you are going to ask is “Where is Dubai?” Well, to answer your question on where is Dubai, you can find numerous sources, including travel guides and travel opportunities, to get well informed.

Anyway, here you will find where is Dubai and you will be able to decide on whether this is the best place for you or not. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. The country is located in south of the Persian Gulf, on the Arabian Peninsula. Well, now that you know where is Dubai, you should also find out more about this amazing city. Knowing where is Dubai is the first step in planning a trip here. Arriving in Dubai will most likely be an experience you are going to very much enjoy, as the city has so much to offer to all tourists. There is a special charm about Dubai, which will easily conquer you are there is no way you are not going to be amazed. The city of Dubai was formally established in 1833. Nowadays, Dubai is considered to be a global city and a major business hub in the country. Although Dubai’s economy was initially build on the important resources of oil the city has, now Dubai also is an important tourist destination.

Knowing where is Dubai is a must if you plan on finding out more about the country in which this incredible city is located, its traditions and its culture. Dubai is an amazing city and now that you know where is Dubai, you will be able to plan your perfect vacation. Although where is Dubai is easy to find out, you will also need to check out some information about this city, to make the most out of the time you are going to spend here. Dubai is for sure an incredible city and you are going to love being here!

For all tourists who have heard about the beauty of this city, the most common question is going to be “where is Dubai.” Well, if you are wondering where is Dubai, you most likely think about planning your next trip in this city. You have definitely made a great decision! Dubai is an amazing city located in United Arab Emirates, in the Persian Gulf. And now that you know where is Dubai, you are definitely more willing to plan your trip in this exotic location. Anyway, to know exactly where is Dubai, you should use a map, as this way you will be able to easily locate it. A travel guide can also be of much help in finding out where is Dubai. And of course, the easiest way to search for information about Dubai is to check out online sources. However, a guide will not only help you find out where is Dubai, but will also introduce you to the culture and specific of the city.

Actually, Dubai is a worldwide known city for the richness that can be found here. Dubai is described as a modern city that has managed to amaze all its visitors. So, Dubai is a city that will impress you with its modernization, infrastructure and buildings, which really are unique in the world. And now Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The most important moment in the history of Dubai dates back in 1966, when oil was discovered. The oil economy has determined many foreign investors to come to Dubai and due to their investments the city quickly became a global one, as the entire economy was built on oil industry. Large construction projects and many sports events have increased the visibility of this city, so there is no wonder that more tourists opt for Dubai as the destination of their next holiday. And they surely are making a great decision!

Knowing where is Dubai will also help you better understand the culture of the city and you are surely going to find it as being extremely interesting. And after finding out where is Dubai, you will be able to also find out many interesting details about this city, its history and why it currently is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

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