Where are Dubai Restaurants

Where are the Best Dubai Restaurants?

Dubai is one of the most fascinating places in the world, but if you will visit it you will need to face a lot of bans and prohibitions. The Arabic world has its own rules that you need to obey while visiting, but you can make sure this won’t take away its charm. And there is one thing you really need to enjoy while discovering Dubai: food. The culture of food is very rich here and no matter if you will try traditional dishes of the international cuisine, you will observe that food is made with passion in this exotic place. Dubai is a melting pot, so no wonder we desire to recommend you five restaurants where you will have the chance to taste the best foods of this world.

La Cite

With a large menu which covers the best of the international cuisine, La Cite is a restaurant that will surely impress you. The breakfast and the lunch are very rich and tasty and the dinner is very delicate and select. The location of the establishment is on Baniyas Street.


If you are a fan of the Chinese cuisine, you will love this sophisticated restaurant. You will be served on the rhythms of Chinese lounge music and you will be able to enjoy a culinary adventure while serving cocktails based on tea.The restaurant is downtown Burj Dubai.


The name of the restaurant means “waves”, so don’t be astonished when you will find a large menu based on seafood. Inspired from the international cuisine, this offers a multitude of delicious options for all tastes.The address of Amwaj is Sheikh Zayed Road.

Harry Ghatto’s

A mix between a restaurant, a bar and a lounge, this offers specialties of the Japanese cuisine. Karaoke is another thing you may enjoy in this establishment besides food. Sing along or simply listen to others while enjoying good and healthy food.The address is Sheikh Zayed Road.


Indian atmosphere, Indian food, vibrant options, luxury, hospitality. All in all, Dubai. You will absolutely love this restaurant that will surely exceed your expectations.The restaurant is located on Sheikh Zayed Road.These are the places you should not miss while in Dubai. Eat well, visit the attractions and have the time of your life. You will surely not regret visiting Dubai.

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