Where is Dubai Airport

Where is Dubai Airport?

Most people are extremely passionate about traveling, so they want to see as many places as possible. If, however, you have not seen Dubai, then you have seen nothing. Dubai is an amazing city and its vibes will conquer you instantly. This is why you probably wonder where is Dubai. This question has been raised a lot in the last few years, as more and more people want to know where is Dubai, in order to move on with their traveling plans. If you do not know where is Dubai, you cannot know how you will be traveling, which is the best means of transport to use, or how long will the journey take.

Well, Dubai is located on the northern coastline of the United Arab Emirates, at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. So this is where is Dubai located. Now that we have made that clear, you should know that if you come to Dubai, you will most likely be landing on Dubai International Airport. So, where is Dubai Airport? The airport is situated in the Al Garhoud district, which is 2.5 miles (4 km) away from Dubai, in the southeast direction. Since you now know where is Dubai Airport is, here is some information on the features and amenities that it offers. First, Dubai International Airport is a major aviation hub of the whole Middle East, being also the main airport serving Dubai and the surrounding area.

The airport carries a huge number of passengers every year. In fact, nearly 60 million passengers flew through Dubai International Airport in 2011, proving that it has en enormous traffic. There are more than 6000 flights on a weekly basis, which are operated by 130 airlines. These statistics made it the 13th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic and the 4th busiest airport in the world in terms of international passenger traffic. No wonder, thus, that the airport provides great amenities, including numerous retail shops, eating outlets, garden areas, Internet, games facilities, prayer rooms, spas, gym, swimming pool, showers, lounge areas, children’s playing areas, televisions, and even hotels. Not only that you now know where is Dubai and its airport, but you can also get a picture of the kind of luxury that you will meet here.

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